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The law office of Clark V.Craig is located in Burlington, Ontario and offers services in family law, will drafting and administration, trusts and estates, and financial planning.

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Nearly all of my legal practice is now concentrated in the areas of Family Law and Wills and Estates. My family law practice concentrates on the areas of support and property division, particularly those which involve cash flow, tax, and valuation issues. In the wills and estates areas, I have a wide practice from will drafting to estate administration and litigation of estate issues.

In addition to the legal areas, I also operate a financial planning service in which I am able to provide anything from full financial plans to very specific and single goal types of plans. Since the qualifications and areas of knowledge are quite different, I offer the financial planning as a distinct and separate practice.

  Evening and in home consultations are available by appointment.   For more information, please visit the Contact section of this site.

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